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  • Resource Type: Planner

Middle School Student Planner 2024-2025



  • Academic Success


  • Middle School

Matching Folder: Folder 5

This popular planner will keep your middle school students organized and on the path to success! Including success tips, parent involvement discussion prompts, reflection questions, and space for notes and goal setting, this planner will help keep your students organized and on track.

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  • Includes academic success tips, reflection prompts, parent discussion prompts, and writing space for goal setting, to-do lists, and parent/teacher notes
  • Full-color
  •  8 ½“ x 11” / 48 pages
  • Dated pages (7/29/24 - 6/29/25)
  • Laminated covers
  • 3-hole punch available
  • Easy ordering
  • Delayed shipping and invoicing available
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