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Options for High School Graduates Pamphlet Display Package



  • Career Planning


  • High School

Help your students learn about the many ways they can prepare for a great career. The Options for High School Graduates Pamphlet Display Package is filled with materials designed to help students explore their post-high school options and find the career trajectory that’s right for them. This display package is the perfect addition to any school counseling office, career center, and more.

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Titles Included: Four-Year College, Community College, Career and Trade School, The Military, Apprenticeship, & On-the-Job Training.

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Pamphlets (six-panel) provide concise information and tips in an easy-to-read, engaging format. Updated regularly to ensure that the content is always current and accurate, these helpful resources make excellent handouts. Pamphlets are 3 ¾" x 8 ½", printed on top quality paper, and available for immediate shipping. The display keeps your Pamphlets easily accessible and attractively organized. This display is 13"W x 10 ½"H x 5 ½"D and comes assembled and ready to put on any shelf, desk, or table.
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